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Saturday, October 20, 2012

celluloid kerouac

I first read 'on the road' in and about 1990 when i was a young man of 20.
My girlfriend gave me a copy of the book and thus, planted the seed that would
grow and offer me answers to questions that frustrated my young mind about
freedom and the pursuit of it.
My experience is not special because this book inspired many people in the same way.
After learning of the production plans for this movie i have waited patiently for a few years
to see what a film adaptation would be like.
I recommend this film to anyone who has read the book, but to people who haven't read the book
I recommend that they read the book first.
The film is only good as a companion piece to the masterpiece novel.
Perhaps a 10 hour mini-series would be better for realising 'on the road' on the screen.
Regardless of my opinion, it was a good movie and i am glad i have a copy so i can watch it
again someday.

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