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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Casio released a pair of pro series keyboard synthesizers early in 2011, this was the first ''pro'' quality music gear the company has created since the 1980's.
I proudly owned a casio rz-1 digital sampling drum machine for at least ten 12 bit and with rather limited sampling times, the device forced its programmer to work within the limitations of its technologies inside...the end result was often more than anyone expected.
Technologies that have been considered ''obsolete'' just because the nature of caplitalism.
  Iam typing this on a new technology, a tablet; my new acer iconia a-210 to be specific.
I am a late bloomer in this tablet fad, trend, phase, whatever it is, I just didn't think I wanted to have a giant phone.
But after a year of using my Nokia x-7, a 4'' touch screen done I was less negative about the uses of owning a tablet.
First, I bought a $99 seven inch ''Craig'' tablet running android is 4.0, and that was that.
I quickly filled it with synth manuals, books, apps & used it everyday along with my trusty Nokia done.
Then one day I saw this Acer tablet on sale for $299 at a nearby store. I bought it, and cashed in my buyers points i had saved which gave me an additional hundred dollar discount.....
I am still getting used to my new technology and it is far higher quality than the plastiky ''craig''tablet, and with spec's similar to a notebook the Acer tablet could perform tasks that were out of reach for the smaller ''Craig'' device.
Even still, I plan to continue using both tablet's. The Acer being the primary unit and the smaller one being the tablet I use outside, while biking, hiking, camping or whatever. The ''Craig'' has a 1.3ghz CPU and 1 GB of RAM compared to the Acer a210 which comes with a 1.33ghz quad core CPU and 1gb of RAM, but those numbers don't say much, the Acer seems to do and run anything I put in front of it, while the smaller ''Craig'' has processing lags at times.
The one positive advantage the ''Craig'' tablet has is it's able to play flash, with flash-11 installed all the free video the web has to offer can be played. The Acer does not play flash and seems to have followed Steve jobs and apple iPad with an absence of flash video content.
At least my Acer aspire-one 725 AMD chip notebook can still do anything I ask it to.
The funny thing is that my most up to date computer system includes Acer AMD notebook, Acer 20" cinema display and an Acer iconia a-210 tablet....I am grateful to be able to play with these gizmo's and every 3 years afford to buy new ones in a bid to stay current with technology....
Edison's lightbulb was designed to do more than glow, it was designed to stop glowing after a certain amount of time, and that ''planned obsolescence'' is still at the root of our western consumer driven society...I would embrace a technological slowdown, which could force corporations to make highest quality products that would last a decade and remain useful in the online experience.

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