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Sunday, August 19, 2012

commodore 64

Recently it was the 30th anniversary of the iconic and best selling home computer, the Commodore 64.
I began my computer experiences with the commodore PET computer which occupied my high school's ''computer lab'', and one christmas when i was 14 my parents bought a commodore ViC-20 home computer, which we upgraded the next year to a Commodore 64.
I was still using a c-64 as recently as 1998 when i lived on manatoulin island at my friends 60 acre system was running Geos operating system and i played ''skate or die'' for hours.
The ''sid'' chip was the first synthesizer i learned to play with thanks to my c-64 and a myriad of drum machine and synthesizer software.
my favorite was a synth that you programmed within the Geos OS with the joystick...
i'll never forget that feeling of excitement when i would pour through a large box of unlabeled floppy disks full of games and software....each disk would reveal it's contents once i loaded it and the suspense while waiting to see what incredible new game was waiting to be discovered by me.
some people began with the apple II's and other's it was the commodore 64, in fact something like 10 million homes had a ommodore 64 .
i left my massively expanded commodore 64 system and unreal collection of software at my friends cabin/house on manatoulin island, which burned down under 2 yrs ago...back into the ashes it goes, my beloved commodore 64.

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