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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tired as heck....

I am so tired today. The early morning shift at my job was aweful. I needed 9 hours worth of energy to finish 6 hours of work! I feel ripped off.
I didn't even carry a bag of my things and move it to my new apartment when i rode my bike here after work.
I am just glad I already have a wi-fi/Lan internet connection at my new place. I am finding something to watch, and just finished a nap, an unplanned nap.
I am still very tired.
My Mother created alot of really nice Art. I find comfort when i stare at the few items I have.
This was the creation of my Mother's that helped me recharge and relax after I finished work this morning.
Thankyou Mom.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st, 2012: I am climbing out from the basement up to the 17th floor....

I am climbing out of the basement and UP to the 17th floor in downtown Kitchener....I couldn't be happier....the LOUD pair of pretty young girls who moved into the house above my basement pad seemed to decide that they didn't want me, the "old guy in the basement" living there anymore, so they threw parties for five days straight during the second week of May!
I suffered from extreme sleep deprivation, and still remained slightly calm until I snapped and called Mike to ask for help and he picked up my most valuable studio gear and synth's and guitar and the myriad of FX pedals and processors and Digital Sampler's and I can't leave out my beloved Roland CDX-1 Disc-Lab, Digital Multi-Track Sampler Workstation/Mastering Processor/Cd Recorder.
And so, here Iam preparing to move, I gave 30 days notice to the basement pad's landlord and paid my June rent at the high rise with my new room mate Steve, the drummer in Mike's band: Helen Keller (i think that's their name?)
There's more to come since we have a wi-fi internet connect set up on the 17th floor. My room is perfect for setting up a wicked studio, with room to sleep on a blow-up mattress with my new "6 pound" super thick sleeping bag!
Within a week I hope to be up and running and put an end to my neglected online life.