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Friday, June 24, 2011

french toast octave FUZZ by danelectro

omg i love this pedal!
plugged into this transforms my guitar tone into a searing synthesizer tone that never leaves me disappointed.
i've read online that the french toast pedal is a copy of the vintage Foxx tone machine, and since i've never used that, i can't offer a comparison.
All i know, is that fuzz is the shit, and this pedal takes fuzz to a distant planet and back again!!!
for under $60 this pedal is unreal....i would have paid double, if it was housed in a more solid metal case, like my older danelectro FabTone...i guess the cost effective(cheap) plastic knobs and case will help danelectro compete in the global market....i don't mind if i need to buy another one as a back up...