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Saturday, April 2, 2011

PAX px-8 echo chamber:
My friend Mike found this 70's era tape delay unit in the garbage someplace in Waterloo....he later gave it to me.
Thanks to a google search and an effects database, as well as suggestions from another old friend i was able to discover that this unit used 8 track tape cartridges.
with a little hunting in thrift stores i was able to buy 5 tape cartridges for $5, brought them home, installed the tapes, and discovered that the heads on the device were dirty....i then cleaned and tried again, a little better, but the echo sound was really distant.
I am probably going to try and find a tech who will be able to fix this delay unit.
The tape based analogue delay will provide a unique effect to any sound source fed into it.
i just can't see myself throwing a perfectly good audio device in the trash, it will be a muission to complete.
more to come later....