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Sunday, January 23, 2011

my newest addition to my studio

Sampling Synthesis is so much fun and the essence of freedom within sound line up of sampling devices includes the Boss RC-20XL Loop Station pedal, Roland MC-909 Synth/Sampling & midi workstation & the Roland CDX-1 DiscLab Digital Multi-track/Sampling Workstation......
And now a new addition, the Korg Micro-Sampler !!!! a 3 octave keyboard/Digital Sampler created unlike any other sampling device on the market today or yesteryear.
I am not going to reiterate all the details that are on the korg website, i am just going to say that within minutes i had sampled some drum sounds and a guitar feedback drone sound and was triggering each looped sound with the keyboard.....instead of having a matrix of rubber pads, this device has the keyboard, and samples and/or Loops can be assigned to individual keys for triggering.
Since my Roland CDX-1 disc lab's sampler section is basically the Roland Sp-808 sampler with 8 rubber velocity sensitive trigger pads, i found this Korg unit to be
something completely different.
It is also designed for performance situations, which is ideal for me, since i record my improvisational performance of prepared sample material....sequencing the loops and sounds on the fly.
For now, i will hide from the winter cold and get to know where the korg micro sampler fits into my bedroom studio, and may post an update in the future.