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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i don't know what it is about the FUZZ effect that i can't get enough of, personally i own around 20 different FX boxes, mostly overdrives, distortions and pure FUZZ.
-electroharmonix big muff pi(russian '90s model)
-electroharmonix double muff
-mxr blue box (octave/fuzz/distortion)
-danelectro FrenchToast(octave fuzz)
-danelectro Peach Fuzz

i generally use overdrives and distortion pedals along with FUZZ's like:
-danelectro 'ocd' DRiVE
-danelectro metal
-boss sd-1 super OD
-boss ds-1 distortion

And like most tone freaks i also chain some wah into the mix;
-dunlop gcb95 crybaby wah
-electroharmonix Q-tron envelope filter
-EH stereo polyphase (LFO & envelope controlled phaser)
-digitech wah modeller
-Boss VF-1 (24 bit digital multi-FX_)

some people swear that you need to place your wah before the fuzz, but i have found that placing the wah after the fuzz is how i roll.

todays blog is just a time waster for me, a personally inventory of sorts i guess, either way, i can go on and on about the FUZZ, and it opens up a floodgate of ideas, "how to maximize the fuzz"
enough is enough,