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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pedal Effects and then some.....

FX are the reason that i pick up and plug in my electric guitar on a daily basis....and i appreciate both analogue and digital Effects processing...
Personally I own and use:
-Boss VF-1 :24 bit digital Studio multi-FX processor
-Boss RC-20 LoopStation
-Boss DS-1 distortion
-ElectroHarmonix: Q-tron Envelope controlled Filter, Stereo PolyPhase, Big Muff-Pi(russian version)
-Digitech Rp-50 digital modelling processor
-MXR BlueBox (octave Fuzz)
-Danelectro CoolCat's : FUZZ, DRiVE & Metal
-Dunlop CryBaby Wah
-behringer EX-3100 Stereo Sound Enhancer/exciter
-DBX 163x compressor/limiter
-DBX 463x noise gate
-ART TubeMP(tube preAmp box)
-ART tube compressor & preAmp you may think; this guy has all he should ever need to satisfy his urge to find the perfect tone?
Ah, no, this is just the begining, well, not exactly, i have been messing with this stuff for a long time, this is just the collection that i have not sold for one reason or another....this is my collection after i decided to not sell my things when i need money to survive.
It is also the result of having a steady six year anniversary of employment was this past august, and my collection of gear really shows it!
i also employ sound synthesis into my world of FX....for that i use a Roland MC-909 synth/sampler & a Roland MKS-7 SuperQuartet(analogue rackmount synth'85), i plan to buy a midi guitar synth converter box so i can play the synth gear with my guitar strings.
very soon this will be a reality.
There is a Roland GK midi box for sale at a local pawn shop for $150, perhaps this fridays paycheque will enable that purchase.
In the meantime, i will try and concentrate on the pedal FX, and rackmount multiFX.
I plan to upload photo's and sound bytes to make my experiments with these pedals helpful to other aspiring pedal heads.
until next time....
see ya!