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Friday, October 9, 2009

the roland MC-909 is mine!

As usual i visited my local Long and McQuade music gear retail store here in Waterloo Ontario, Canada, my friday morning ritual for many years now.
Today I asked my friend(Brando) behind the counter to search the companies database for a used Roland MC-909 and low and behold he found one at a Toronto store for $399....I immediately bought it, and now i wait until next thursday for my new gear to arrive here.
Life cannot get much better than it has been to me lately.
As far as used gear deals at least!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

my funky new baby!!!!

I brought home an unwanted, slightly used ElectroHarmonix Q-TRON today, and since i had once owned and loved one in the past, i had no problem adopting this baby today.
Envelope/Filter pedals are my alltime favorites, and since the MoogerFooger is out of my price range these days, a $115 Q-Tron is just what the doctor ordered!!!!

It seems that the Q-tron is a recreation and then some of the famous MU-Tron envelope filter pedals from the early 70's.