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Sunday, June 21, 2009

documentary film re: Modulations

I did not upload this film, i am glad there is a copy of it online.
It is a very flowing account of the history of electronic sound & music.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

dextrosoundlab gear inventory

Roland - VS840 digital studio workstation
Roland CDX1 DiscLab multiTrack Cd recorder/Audio Sample Workstation
Sony MDS-JE510 studio mini disc recorder
Apple MacintoshG3 (Os-X)
Apple Mac-miniG4 (Os-X)with behringer Uca2002 usb audio interface & UB502 Mixer
Motu MidiTimePiece AV
Peavey XR1200c stereo powered mixing console
Sansui AX-7 audio mixer/spring reverb
Boss VF-1 Digital Studio Effects
Roland D20 Synthsizer Workstation
Roland D2 Synth/Sequencer
Roland MKS7 SuperQuartet Analogue Synth Module
Roland MC50 Midi sequencer
Midi Controllers:roland Cf-10 digital faders & Cn-20 music entry pad
Gmedia Phatboy
Behringer FC1010 Midi PedalBoard
ivL Pitchrider4000 pitch to midi converter
Samick Elec.Guitar
Yamaki Deluxe Acoustic with deanMarkley pickup
FxPedals: ElectroHarmonix PolyPhase
Mxr BlueBox
danelectro drive
DigiTech Rp-50
behringer digital delay
OutBoard & misc:
SAE2800 solidState Stereo ParaMetricEqualizer
2 x Alto alphaComp digital stereo Compression Modules
2 x DBX163x analogue mono- compressor/Limiter's
DBX463x noise gate
Behringer EX-3100 ultraFEX Sound enhancment processor
ART ps4x4 power conditioner
Electro-voice RE-18 cardiod mic
sony F-45 dynamic mic
shure PE515 dynamic mic
silvertone combo tube amplifer
mattel synsonics drums
Kenwood KA2002 solid state stereo amplifier
Sony SS-78 monitors
AKG-k240 studio headphones